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We offer a range of advertising opportunities for individuals and arts companies.

Types of Advertising we offer…

  • Inclusion by Press Release (not guaranteed inclusion) – FREE
  • Sponsorship – Add a line of text with a link to your website at the bottom of any article that relates to your subject. These links appear for 180 days and are approving automatically. Any content reported or noticed to be against our terms and conditions will be removed – £5.99
  • Banner Advertising on Arts Mag UK – from £5.00 (Size, duration & placement pending)
  • Advertorial Content (an article about you, your product or business – non-news/review related) – Contact for prices

Advertising: sales@artsmag.co.uk

Banner Advertising – You can find further information on banner advertising by clicking here.

Sponsorship links and pricing information can be found on every article on our website – for sponsorship text.

For all other paid advertorial enquiries please use the email above.

Press Releases & Review Invites: press@artsmag.co.uk

Please send press releases in .doc or .pdf format. Make sure that you include a good, quality photograph, optimised for web (around 600 pixels, 72 dpi). We currently only have reviewers in the Manchester region. For review invites, please make sure you include details of: press night & time, location and provide an overview of the show, cast and crew.

How to Submit a Press Release

We read every press release we’re sent and we cover a huge range of businesses and events – large, small and in-between. While we can’t cover everything we’re sent, we will do our best to make sure you’re written about at some point. Our staff writing team and volunteer journalists make every effort to visit you and see things for themselves.

Press releases should be sent to press@artsmag.co.uk

How to send us a press release
Using these simple guidelines will make things easier when you send us your releases: We prefer email to post. It really helps if you make the subject of your release clear in the subject line of your email. We get a lot of releases every day, and this helps us find yours. Please email press releases as .doc (word) or .pdf attachments.

Sending and Choosing Pictures
Please send pictures as attachments to the same email as your press release. Try not to crop the images too much, or make them too small. Around 100 to 500 kb in filesize is best but please note, emails over 2-meg are automatically rejected. If in doubt, simply send your text in a simple email to ensure your press release or event is available to us. If you are sending a .doc/.docx Word file, please do not add the images into the body of the press release file. JPG format is best for us. You may wish to add a link at the bottom of your email, a direct link to the promo image itself so that we may simply download it (i.e. www.yourdomain.com/images/your-promo-image.jpg). Photographs are always preferred to posters, and if you have both that’s great. And a landscape image we can use as a banner is preferred to a portrait image. Many thanks!