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By Andrea Avery

Do you still delight at the thought of going to the theatre? How we entertain ourselves has changed dramatically as technology has improved. Add to that the fact that the economy has made it such that many families, as well as single people, are tightening their belts when it comes to their entertainment choices. Despite the fact that you may have a huge plasma television in your recreation room, it can still be exciting to indulge in an occasional night out at the theatre.

If you are inclined towards this type of outing when the itch to go out strikes you then you are not alone. If you are not then you need some encouragement in finding reasons to go. Why go? (Or perhaps the question should be- why not go?)

You should go so you can show your support for entertainers who are underpaid and are on their A-game every night that they perform. Whether they are local performers or come from afar, show them the support they deserve by buying a ticket and then sitting back and enjoying the show.

Enjoying this form of visual entertainment can teach us and can open up the lines of communication between our children and ourselves. For instance, going to see The Diary of Ann Frank, if it is playing in your community, can open the door to a family discussion about what the holocaust was and how it changed the world and the lives of those who survived it.

A trip to the theatre enlightens, inspires and can move you to tears or laughter. It can offer serious moments and moments when you feel like your heart will break. You can run the gamut of emotions when you say yes to an evening out at this type of social occasion.

Seeing a production on stage opens up your eyes and your world to new experiences and new ways of looking at the world that we live in. It gives you the unique opportunity to experience some of the greatest shows on Earth and to feel that you are a part of them. These edge-of-the-seat events transport you to a world that you might not experience otherwise.

What else? You get to see life through another individual’s perspective. You also get to visit former periods of your life that you may recall with fondness. For instance, a 70 years old can be taken back to when he or she was a child all by the scene unfolding in front of him or her. Your age does not matter when you take your seat at the local theatre house. You get a feast for the eyes and the ears and you can be any age that you wish to be!

Visiting your local, or a national theatre, will also get you out of the house and out with people in a social setting. If you tend to be too much of a homebody then an evening at the theatre can change this!


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