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Watercolor paintings offer you a beautiful way of creative expression. Mastering the strokes is of prime importance here and to sell your watercolor paintings online, you need to tap the right art galleries to ensure a good market for you works of art.

Painting is not just a hobby today, for some it acts as a therapy whereas to others it is full-fledged profession. This is one such medium that relaxes your mind, body and soul and takes away your boredom. Painting a picture, be it in any medium such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, poster color, batik or even the pastels or crayons can transport you to a different world. The fine art of painting has seen many transitions and trends in recent times.

Watercolor Paintings:

Watercolor painting is also a great way to express your creative talent. There are also many resources available that will help you get started with your first watercolor painting. Watercolor paintings are a tricky medium to master. If you have that creative spark in you, you need to ensure you get your supplies ready. What you basically need is a good set of brushes such as the flat brush, round brush and oval brush. Depending upon the kind of picture that you would be painting, you would also need to decide upon the size of the brush. Go to your local art store to look for some good quality watercolor paints. Next you need to invest in specific watercolor paper. If you are a beginner, you can stick to the basic drawing sheet, but as you advance, you can try out various options such as the handmade paper or the watercolor paper that has different textures and can help you achieve wonderful results.

Why is Watercolor Painting such a popular medium?

  • Watercolor paintings are one of the most beautiful ways to express your creative talent and these also remain to be very popular amongst most people today. There are various reasons for the increasing popularity of this technique.
  • The beauty of watercolor paintings is that it allows the artist to use his/her spontaneity and create works with just a few color washes or strokes. Depending on the subject, this medium is also very fast to use and the results are there for you to see. It does not involve any cumbersome process.
  • Compared to other medium of painting, this is relatively easier. There may be the initial hiccups when you start out, but it is the matter of mastering the strokes of the brush. All you need is some color and water and with practice, you can see faster and improved results in a shorter period.
  • Watercolor painting is also easier to when you are on the move. This is a favorite with most artists when it comes to landscapes and seascapes. The watercolor kits are light and easy to carry and there is no need to carry a huge amount of supplies except for the palette, water container and paper. Experts do not even use a pencil for the basic drawing.
  • Watercolor paintings also dry faster than any other medium.
  • Pastel and charcoal works may prove to be difficult to carry for the fear of being smudged but this does not hold true for a watercolor painting.
  • Watercolor paintings prove to be ideal for depicting nature and even abstracts. The beauty of the strokes is such that it helps you fill large areas in a short time and if you have a very good creative bent of mind, you can use these strokes and create new results that do not need any planning. Watercolors help you to get results which you may not even have visualized which adds to the beauty of your work.

Selling your Watercolor Paintings Online:

Professionals have many options when it comes to selling the watercolor paintings. Your local art gallery would be the best solution. This would help you establish a name and as you gain a strong foothold in the market, the sales would also rise phenomenally. Most budding artists plan group exhibitions to save on the expenditure, as this would help them market their works at a lower price.

To sell your watercolor paintings online needs a proper research on the web. Browse the Internet for the best options. There are many art galleries that let you exhibit your watercolor paintings online if you really are not keen exhibiting in the gallery. To sell your watercolor painting online, you would need to approach the particular art gallery that you narrow down upon. You need to prepare your portfolio in advance and the theme or any particular subjects you would like to like to work upon. The choice rests ultimately with you. An online sale of watercolor paintings may also require you to break the shackles and go beyond the traditional kind of subjects. Remember the buyer can be located anywhere across the world, so be in touch with the latest techniques and know the latest trends and better still, you can even start a new trend on your own! It may take time for an online sale of watercolor paintings, but once your style is accepted, you can reap rich rewards as the clientele of your works are definitely on a larger scale. To sell your watercolor paintings online, can prove to be an easy way for the artist provided that the art gallery has the required clientele and also a very good marketing strategy.

Watercolor paintings allow for endless explorations and also a lifetime of creativity. Once you discover this medium, you will be hooked onto it forever!

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