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By Antoinette Ayana

Someone with little initiation into the world of picture framing is unlikely to spend a lot of time thinking about how to best display their photographs and artwork. Many people will simply pick an appropriately sized frame from Walmart and call it a day. But this aspect of art display is an art all unto itself. There are rules and systems that should be followed to achieve the best results. But don’t despair. Rules and systems doesn’t mean that there isn’t any room for creativity. After all, photography and painting has its own set of rules and systems that have been followed for time immemorial to create fantastic, unique works.

The same is true of display. Size One of the most important aspects of picture framing is the size of the molding. You need something that is wide enough to carry the day, without completely overpowering the work on display. Pick something too narrow, and it could be structurally compromised. This is as much an art as a science, but if you can bring your artwork or photograph into the shop with you, you’ll give the workers there all the tools they need to pick something out that will be an appropriate size. Style Those in the know will tell you that picture framing is a matter of extending the theme of the art or photograph itself.

This is why choosing a random frame from a big box store is such a wasted opportunity. Sure, if you’re talking about a family photo to place next to your computer, you don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking about style. The same might be true of a concert poster for your teenager’s room. But if you have a piece that you want to display proudly, you need to think about the themes, colors, and tone of the art and how you can use the style of a good frame to both set those aspects off and accentuate them. Type Whether you go with wood or metal is completely up to you, but it’s impossible to ignore the many benefits of beautiful wood picture framing.

A good shop will carry wood of all types, including walnut, pine, and cherry. Each of these woods add their own character to the piece. While there are still going to be those who prefer the use of metal frames, it’s safe to say that wood carries the victory more often than not. This is especially true when you consider that these frames can still be accented by metal, both precious and otherwise. To pick a good picture framing New York, you can turn to a professional store for advice. You may want to take your next piece of art to

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