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By on March 18, 2016

Deadpool (2016) directed by Tim Miller – A Film Review


Super hero films of late have often followed a very tired formula. Good vs. evil and the introduction of pre-established comic book characters in “origin story” films for characters that are already an established part of the pop culture canon. Numerous film reboots for the Spider Man, Batman and Superman franchises have left audiences wanting something different. That’s not to say that before Deadpool there were no comic book adaptions that rocked the conventional “comic book film” formula; with films like Watchmen (2009), Kick-Ass (2010) and V for Vendetta (2005) being strong examples of this.

Yet, there is something different about Deadpool. As a more recent creation, the Deadpool comics haven’t quite had the penetration into pop culture that some older comics have. As such, taking on a Deadpool movie would certainly of been seen as more of a risk to the studios.

But how does it differ from other comic book movies? Well it doesn’t take itself too seriously but it’s also not an out and out parody of the superhero genre. It has a tongue in check tone yet wears its heart on its sleeve. Deadpool himself is an interesting character but is by no means an admirable one. He is essentially a broken man at the beginning of the film and by the end he isn’t really much better. This isn’t a story of redemption, or a superhero as such for that matter. It’s a rollercoaster ride through the world of a self-referential smart aleck who does what he wants, and that’s what’s so appealing about him. He’s a fun un-brooding anti-hero with a wild and veracious sense of humour.

The film is definitely defined by its humour, but that’s not to say it’s its only strength. The cast are a blast to watch in this one. Ryan Reynolds was born to play Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool). Morena Baccarin is also fun as Deadpool’s equally smart-alecky fiancé Vanessa. All of the cast here seem to be having a blast and it plays well to the audience.

In terms of the films look, Tim Miller has done a great job of visualising the wacky adventures of Deadpool and bringing them to the screen. In particular he has effortlessly incorporated Deadpool’s breaking of the forth wall in a way that neither seems unnatural or forced. There are also a number of sequences that use music to great effect, with clinical timing to the action.

However the films greatest strength could be, to some viewers, its greatest weakness. The comedy and jokes in the film come across at a scatterbrain pace. There’s also a crudity and vulgarity to the humour that some might not find to their taste. At its heart Deadpool is firmly a fun and comedic action film for adults: with naughty words and all. If these things offend your sensibilities then it’s probably not for you. However if you like fast paced action with a good sense of character and fun then maybe give Deadpool a watch.

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