Interview with Mind’s A Labyrinth Writer/Director Stevie Helps

By on August 30, 2016

manchester-theatre-director-stevie-helpsQ: What is Mind’s A Labyrinth About?

Stevie: It’s about a girl who suffers with a Borderline Personality Disorder and her dark relationships. It is about domestic abuse, mental health, disceit, consequences, hope, love, trauma… and a fish called Bertie.

Q: Why should audience go and see ‘Mind’s A Labyrinth’?

Stevie: It isn’t like any other show. There is something for everyone – at times it’s very dark and challenging, yet exciting and entertaining. The characters are complex yet memorable; at times you will love them and other times you will detest them, and that can change within a sentence. You will enjoy applying your own judgements and confronting your own morals throughout. There’s also some fantastic live music I have carefully chosen for the play that really adds another dimension to the experience.

Q: Why are there TWO casts?

Stevie: Because I love seeing how one text can be interpreted in two completely different ways. I also love that we can give out more opportunities to Actors on such a challenging and emotionally complex project.

Q: Where is next for the play after the current venue?

Stevie: We have a showing at the Lowry in Media City in November and we’re heading to Edinburgh Festival before a regional tour.

Mind’s A Labyrinth is showing at Gullivers Ballroom on Oldham Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter on Tuesday 20 September and Tuesday 27 September 2016 at 6.30pm and 9pm. Tickets are £7.50 online / £9 on the door. More information and tickets available at


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