Borderline Personality Play Kicking and Screaming Its Way to Manchester Theatres

By on August 31, 2016

Experience the Labyrinth Mind of a Borderline Personality sufferer and her dark family secrets… ‘Mind’s A Labyrinth’, a new dark play by Stevie Helps, will be coming to Gullivers Ballroom, The Lowry Studio and beyond…


Coming to Manchester this September is a new play from Award Winning Director Stevie Helps. The spiky melodrama explores the troubled life and relationships of the central character (Rachel) who suffers with a Borderline Personality Disorder. The production, the latest from popular and independent New Live Theatre Company, includes themes of domestic abuse, mental health, deceit, consequences, hope, love, trauma… and a fish called Bertie. We caught up with the plays creator – Writer, Director and Acting Coach – Stevie Helps who tells us a little more about his newest piece of live theatre.

“There is something for everyone in Mind’s A Labyrinth,” explains the London born and trained theatre maker, “At times it’s very dark and challenging, yet exciting and entertaining. The characters are complex yet memorable; at times you will love them and other times you will detest them, and that can change within a sentence. You will enjoy applying your own judgements and confronting your own morals throughout. There’s also some fantastic live music I have carefully chosen for the play that really adds another dimension to the experience.” Now a Manchester resident for the past several years, Helps is Co-Artistic Director at independently funded New Live Theatre Company where he works with creative partner Paul Kenney to formulate new live pieces of theatre with strict, and often new methodology.

Likened to Sarah Kane, Martin McDonagh… and Eastenders at its darkest hour, Stevie Helps’ ‘Mind’s A Labyrinth’ is a unique experience which doesn’t follow usual theatrical conventions. The play stands out from the rest, not only in story and taboo subject matter, but also in terms of directorial style and authorial voice. The play is a hard-hitting exploration into the mind of one Borderline Personality sufferer and her traumatic family. The play with a personality disorder of its very own.

Mind’s A Labyrinth will be performing 20th and 27th September at Gullivers Ballroom in Manchester’s Northern Quarter at 6.30pm and 9pm, before it performs at the prestigious Lowry Studio Theatre in Salford Quays on Tuesday 8th November 2016. Afterwhich the play will head to Edinburgh Festival before a regional tour.

New Live Theatre Company premièred hard-hitting production ‘Borderline Electra’ on 21st April 2016, written and directed by Stevie Helps, at the Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester. After the production’s début, the play is set to return under its new title ‘Mind’s A Labyrinth’.

“Stuart, played by David Lamont, was as sinister as Hannibal Lecter.” exclaimed audience member Kate Cotton, who experienced ‘Borderline Electra’ at the April premiere “Lamont’s performance was frighteningly convincing. Some very touchy subjects covered impressively by the cast of four. Definitely a 5 star.”

Mind’s A Labyrinth will feature live acoustic music from Singer-Songwriter and Youtuber Lizzie Tupman, who has amassed over 23 thousand subscribers, adding an extra dimension to the audience experience.

Gullivers (ballroom), Manchester NQ
109 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LW

When his wife goes missing, Stuart informs his daughter (Rachel) that she has committed suicide. Elliott first meets Rachel in her local pub, where he finds her alone and drunkenly singing her heart out on a table top to ‘Last Christmas’ – in April… like ‘a young Yoko Ono’. When her father arrives to pull her down, Elliot jumps to defend her. But all is not what it seems. This family must prepare themselves for the consequences of their ill-advised decisions…

TICKETS: Tickets available online at (20 Sept 2016, 6.30pm & 9pm + 27 Sept 2016, 6.30pm & 9pm) £7.50 online / £9 on the door. Early booking is advisable.

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