Stained Glass Windows History

By on May 7, 2012

By Joanne Haworth

Stained glass windows history began around 300 AD, being introduced into newly built churches by architects of that era. The beautifully designed glass told stories from the bible and soon began to be known as the poor man’s bible. During the 16th Century there was much destruction to churches due to religious upset which, led to a need for restoration of stained glass windows. During the 18th century the use of colored windows was no longer fashionable so there was no longer a great demand for glass art. Specialists within this field started to focus on restoring glass in churches and grand homes.

Due to World War II many designs had been lost or burnt during the bombing. Most files had been recycled into fire and other things. Artists during the great restoration period had to be taught the old technique of using glass colored within a pot, painted fired and then connected with lead. Using hydrofluoric acid to treat corroded glass and then scraped the glass with a metal tool. If the artist felt that the glass could not be restored new panels would be fitted. In the 1800′s stained glass came back into fashion with the influence of Tiffany glass, bold colors used on flat areas and heavily lined. It wasn’t until the 1900′s that colored glass windows were being used again by architects worldwide. In the 20th Century new ideas were being formed, changing painted art into decorative art and windows of colour. Architects around the world were trialling new techniques to create their glass art work.

During the 1960′s churches were no longer being built so money was spent on restoring church stained glass windows. Today stained glass windows are a work of art that features in plenty of homes throughout theUKand abroad. As church windows told stories from the bible, today many people choose to create a design that tells a story of family memories or family members. There are also many, many contemporary designs to choose from or experts in the field will create a bespoke design. With traditional or contemporary designs, the choice of designer is key to the end result. Bespoke design and production is a skill as with other trades and needs a professional to complete the work to the highest standard. A designer must be fully trained and experienced with good testimonials. Their level of competence will show in their previous work. Stained Glass once only told stories from the bible has taken on a whole new concept; stained glass windows now allow people to bring vibrant colors, light and designs into their homes. With over 10 years experience of creating bespoke stained glass windows designs.

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